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Our Symbol

Self, Society, Service & God. Created in the late 1960's and modified in the mid-1970's. Registered as a trademark.
Here is a terrific interpretations of Our Symbol:
Steps = Self,
Traditions = Society,
Concepts = Service
Greg P. suggests, "Perhaps we need to explore the fourth side - God.
And our unique approach to spirituality".

This image is from the 2nd of July, 2003 in the Sails Pavilion of San Diego Convention Center. Crews were setting up for WCNA-30. This Symbol would eventually be hoisted to the ceiling and moved to the center of the room.
Among other things, this room was used for the Richie H'. performance called the Jazz Breakfast, and large speaker meetings during the day.

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Why do we embrace our history?
As with any culture, the study of history assists us in learning from our mistakes of the past; to carve out a better future for our children.
Understanding what our predecessors had to endure provides us a vehicle to embrace gratitude for what we have at our disposal today.

Narcotics Anonymous IRAN

I R A N - We recently spoke with Iran and they shared that they just had the opening meeting at their convention, with 12,000 people in attendance. The meeting was held in a Tehran sports stadium where they read a greeting from NAWS and the Iranian president before an official “kick-off” with five speakers—three recovery shares, one on the traditions and one on PI. Members from Bahrain attended in support of the convention. They also sent us photos of a trophy and an award they received a few weeks ago when they were named the most successful Non-Government Organization (NGO) of the year in Iran. They will be sending us a full article for the NA Way Magazine. We are very excited to hear all about the rest of their convention and what is happening in Iran.
NAWS News Volume Five (August 2004), Issue One, Page 5


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