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Received permission from Bo’s to add his archives.

Added to the WLC page:


WLC-09 Nov6-11 in Phila, PA- Flyer
Pre-1983 WSC-Lit. Subcommittee Report

Powerless -written work

1984 Jan. 25 Relationships

1983, Aug 29-Postcard re Daily Meditation Guide

1983,March 21st- Flyer sent to all Members Requesting Input


1983 NCRSC Regional Lit. Conference I:

1982-Aug-First Step Input

1983 March 16-First Draft- Step 2

1983,3-23-3-26 Step Three

1983-April 22-24-First NCRSC Regional Lit. Conference -Flyer

Clean and Serene

Step 3 Suggested Outline

Step 3,Step 4

Step 3-Surrender our Lives & WIlls-Self-Will Run Riot-God as

Step 3

Step Five-Outline

Step Four-Outline

Step Three-Original

Traditions- Outline


1983-84 Correspondence with Ginni S:

1983-July- Penthouse Psychographic SelfExam. Series by Frank

1983-July 11- Letter from Ginny S.(WLC) to Newsletter Staff

1983, July 20- Letter from Jim M to Ginny S (WLC)

1983,May 31-Letter from BoS. to Ginni S.(WLC)

1983,August 8 Letter from Bo S. to Ginni S (WLC)

1983, August 13-Letter From Ginni S. (WLC) to Bo S.

1983 August 16-Letter from Bo S. to Ginni S. (WLC)

1983 Nov. 7- Letter from Bo S. to WLC Members


AdHoc Committee for Convention Guidelines:

1980 March So.Calif. Reg. Activities Committee of NA

1980 May Proposed Guidelines for So. Calif. Convention Comm

1981 Sept. Notes from Florida World Convention

1982 Ad-Hoc Convention Committee Program

* 1982 Convention Guidelines Mailing Checklist_LAST-NAMES

1982 June 17 Letter from Bob R to Special Committee Member

1982 Nov. 1 Letter to Carol

1982 Nov. 14 Letter to Steve

1982 Sept. 8 Response Letter from Bo S. to Bob R.

1982-ThanksgivingII Conscionsness Mid-Yr. Svc. Workshop

1983 Pre-WCNA 13 Letter from Recover & Discover Newsletter

1983,Jan. 18 -Letter from Bo S. to Committee Members

WSC Conference Report for Convention Guidelines -Handwritten

Ad-Hoc Committee for Convention Guidelines-Correspondence

* Ad-Hoc-Committee for convention Guidelines- Members_LAST-NAMES

Handwritten Notes - To-Do's Ad Hoc Committee

Handwritten Notes-AdHoc Convention Guidelines


Page's Letters:

1982-Form TX (US Copyright Office)

1983,March 1 Letter From Robert K,Atty. to Page

1983, March 4-Letter from Robert K,Atty. to Page C.

1983, March 9-Letter from Robert K, Atty. to Page C.

1983,March 14-Letter from Robert K (Atty) to Page C.

1983,March 14-Letter From Robert K,Atty. to Page C.

1983, March 18-Letter from Robert K (Atty) to Kevin F






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