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The World Service Conference Material was placed in a passwd protected area in 2014 because we kept coming across last names, addresses or some other item which did not seem appropriate to post on the public Internet. They were removed and linked to another site (Show Me Region) which has those with a considerable amount of NA material.


The files on were converted from PDF to PDF/A-1b. This is a format used for archival purposes and used by a variety of industries, including the legal and medical fields.


Boxes of (Grateful) Dave Moorhead’s lawyer (from the Baby Blue court case) were scanned during late 2015, early 2016.


Boxes from Alice C. of the Harrisburg, PA. were scanned during 2015 and 2016. They include original minutes of the founding of the H.A.N.A from September 1975. Attached is page 1. I confirmed with Alice the Harrisburg Area NA considered themselves a Group. They had an impressive number of H&I commitments. Notice the use of the, ‘Day by Day’ book.


The items are scanned but not compiled for the Web. Dave’s lawyer (Greg) originally asked his name be stricken. However last week he said it was OK not to strip his name since he was the lawyer on record (something like that).


Added Style Sheet from Grey Book to the Clarity / Identity Statement Section
Also added Clarity Statements from a few World Conventions, dating back to New Orleans WCNA-17 (1987).
I believe the hosting Regions chose to include these in the programs.


Note: Files may have been moved since this Change Log was created but they are still on the site. If you cannot locate, please contact us.
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