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Baby Blue & Court Case

It is not our intention to be controversial. We are trying not to present any opinions on this page.
It is our goal to provide anyone interested with the opportunity to explore this movement within the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.
We were hoping to acquire everything listed in the docket with the stamp of the Clerk of Courts. We spoke with there office and they said the docket has been "destroyed". The National Archives lists them as "disposed".
Baby Blues More Baby Blues and Info
Chester County Clean Acres ASC 1990-07-02 Basic Text Cease & Desist Clerk of Courts docket Information
Defendant Files  
In Docket = Entered by Clerk of Courts of the United States District Court
(Number in paranthesis is docket entry by Clerk of Courts)
1990-11-30 Report of Filing (2) 1991-01-02 Transcripts (11) 160 pgs
(1.7 MB)
1990-11-30 Complaint (3)

1991-01-04 Transcript (12)

1990-12-12 Motion of WSO for a prelim injunction & Expidite Discovery (3)  
1990-12-12 Memorandum in Support of Motion (3)  
1990-12-12 Memorandum in Support of Motion with TOC (3)  
1990-12-12 Exhibit A (3)  
1990-12-12 Exhibit (3)  
1990-11-27 Declaration of Stuart (3)  
1990-11-27 Declaration of George (3)  
1990-12-12 Order proposed (3)  
1991-01-04 Agreement with grammar corrections & signatures (10)  
1991-01-04 Agreement unedited  
1991-01-04 Order (10)  
Below are from David Moorhead via Danny M on 07-15-1992 Not In Docket Below are from NAWS, Inc. via Boyd P & Chris B on 07-21-2010 Not In Docket
Comments on Service in NA 1990-12-03 WSC Participant Letter
  1991-01-16 Our Commitment to Unity
  1991-01-22 WSC Conference Agenda Report
  1991-04 WSC Minutes
  1993-07-26 FIPT filed With State of CA
Board of Trustees Meeting with Dave 01 Board of Trustees Meeting with Dave 02
Telephone Conversation with Stu & Dave WSO 2nd Conference Call Part 01
Literature Trust Tape 01 Literature Trust Tape 02
Literature Trust Tape 03 Literature Trust Tape 04
PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Docket Information
The Docket has been disposed of by the National Archives.
Civil Docket For Case No. 290 cv-07631-LP Attorneys
History Details History
Case Summary Filer World Service Office, Inc.
Filer David Moorhead Aliases
Associated Cases List Parties


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