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Early Days


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7 Steps - A Ladder to Holiness 1922 (1.2 MB PDF) Article Alcohol Science & Society 1945 (2.73 MB PDF)
Lexington Farm Era:  
Ariel photo of Lexington 1935 Painting of Lexington 1942
Quartery Journal of Studies On Alcohol Narcotics 1945 (16.36 MB PDF) Images in Psychiatry (PDF)
Publications on drug addiction (PDF) Narcotics-Farm (2 MB PDF)
Lex Herald Ad for Jack Lewyn series on drug addiction 1950-04-16 Lex Herald Self Control Man's Sole Defense Against Addiction 1950-04-17
Lex Herald The Cold Story 1950-04-18 Lex Herald Barbiturates 1950-04-19
Lex Herald Frightening is Withdrawal Stage 1950-04-20 Lex Herald Editorial 1950-04-21
Lex Herald For Some There Is Little Hope 1950-04-21 Lex Herald 15 Year Old Boy Is Youngest For Cure 1950-04-24
Lex Herald Addicts With Hope For Cure Find Help 1950-04-25 Lex Leader USPHS Hospital Notes Anniversary 1950-05-23
Lex Leader USPHS Staff Observes 15th Anniversary 1950-05-27 Treatment of Drug Addiction American Journal of Medicine 1953-05 (1.2 MB PDF)
US Public Health Hospital 1963 (1.9 MB PDF) Page 19 - Narcotic Drug-Addiction - Mental Health Monograph 1963 (4 MB PDF)
Letter from Katheryn to Sid 1964-03-17 (2.1 MB PDF) Letter from Katheryn to Sid 1964-04-07 (1.2 MB PDF)
Postcards (PDF) Patient Handbook 1964 (PDF)
News Article - Narcotic Addict Describes Habit (PDF) The Institutional Treatment of the Narcotic Addict 1965 (2.9 MB PDF)
  News Article - -Miss America Makes Stop in Lexington (1.2 MB PDF)
Dr. Victor Vogel:  
Vogel Report 1948 (PDF) Victor Vogel- Facts about narcotics 1951 (PDF)
Picture of Victor Vogel & Family Narcotic Addiction 1948 (1.1 MB PDF)
News Article -Vogel To Participate In Narcotics Forum (1.0 MB PDF) News Article - Vogel Dies 1978 (PDF)
Letter Victor Vogel to Editor of True Detective Magazine 1951-05-15 (1.8 MB PDF)  
Houston S.:  
Houston Sewell Picture (PDF) WW I Draft Card (1.3 MB PDF)
Houston P.S. Statement of Education 1946 (PDF) Picture of Houston S.'s wife (PDF)
INTERVIEW - 1994 - Dan C from Kentucky talking about Houston S. with Dave F.  
Addicts Anonymous:  
Picture of Meeting 1950 (PDF) Addicts Anonymous Group Founded 1950-04-26 (PDF)
Addiction Recognized by Illness by Addicts Anonymous 1950-04-27 (PDF) Meet the Parson Addicts Anonymous 1950-04-22 (1.4 MB PDF)
Chapter 6 Addicts Anonymous Reference 1958 (3.9 MB PDF) The Key 1952-09-14 (2.1 MB PDF)
The Key 1951 (2.6 MB PDF) The Key 1953-05 (2.0 MB PDF)
The Key 1952-07 (2.4 MB PDF) The Key 1952-09-07
  The Key 1954-08 (2.6 MB PDF)
The Key 1952-10 (2.1 MB PDF) The Key 1963-03 16th Anniversary 1947 to 1963 (6.2 MB PDF)
The Key 1954-08 (2.1 MB PDF) The Key 1964 Fall (5.9 MB PDF)
The Key 1959-10 (4.6 MB PDF) The Key 1965 Summer 18th Anniversary 1947 to 1965 (4.0 MB PDF)
The Key 1963-09 9.2 MB PDF)  
HFD- Habit Forming Drug Group:  
12 suggestions That May Help 1950 (1.52 MB PDF) Brief Interpretation of 12 Steps 1950 (1.1 MB PDF)
The Challenge-of Drug Addiction 1951 (1.7 MB PDF) Bill Wilson Letter 1954 (PDF)
HFD Info (1.4 MB PDF) HFD Case History From Betty T (1.2 MB PDF)
1954 Letter From Betty T (PDF) HFD Notes From Narcotics and Narcotic Addiction (1.1 MB PDF)
Danny C.:  
Dan C. Pictures (PDF) Daniel Lawrence C. Death & Marriage Certificates (PDF)
Danny Bio - Listen 1956 (PDF) Narcotics Anonymous Incorporation Papers 1951 (1.5 MB PDF)
Danny Letter to Dorothy Sullivan 1952 (1.1 MB PDF) People Today 1951 (4.8 MB PDF)
Saturday Evening Post 07 Augist, 1954 Danny Interview 1952 (PDF)
Jimmy K Notes Contact w Dan C 1952 (PDF) Listen 1952 (1.4 MB PDF)
Marijuana To Go To Pot Or Not (9.6 MB) Really Living (20.5 MB PDF)
Saturday Evening Post 1954 (18 MB PDF) N.A. NY Office 1996 (1.0 MB PDF)
Ex Addict Talks to Dope Users in Women's Jail

1951-05 18
Legion to Open National Drive on Narcotics

Danny's House 1996 (2.1 MB PDF) Danny's Obituary 1956 (PDF)
Dr.Jane Dunaway Letters 1964 (1.9 MB PDF) Dunaway Allder Pyle Family 1959 (2.3 MB PDF)
2010 Establishing Carlsen Headstone (4.6 MB) Danny's Marker (JPG)
Danny's Memorial Service (5.1 MB PDF)  
Danny C. Era:  
NY Times 1950-06-18 (4.1 MB PDF) NY Times 1951-02-18 (6.3 MB PDF)
Time 1951 (4.6 MB PDF) Family Circle 1951 (3.6 MB PDF)
Public Health 1951 (1.9 MB PDF) American Journal of Public Health 1951 (PDF)
Newsweek 1951 (2.8 MB PDF) Look 1953 (10.2 MB PDF)
Confidential 1953 (5.66 MB PDF) Drug Trap by Fred J Cook 1951-06 (3.6 MB PDF)
Newsweek 1954 (2.9 MB PDF) Junkie 1953
Monkey On My Back (14.6 MB PDF) Down Beat 1954 (3.6 MB PDF)
Narcotics Menace (.4.1 MB PDF) Mainline To Nowhere (3 MB PDF)
Understanding and Helping the Narcotic Addict 1965 (2.9 MB PDF) Merchants of Misery (3.4 MB PDF)
1951 Menace of Narcotics to the Children of NY
(2.9 MB)
Narcotic Addiction (2.4 MB PDF)
Our Way of Life:  
Addicts Anonymous version (2.36 MB PDF) Our Way of Life 1950 (2.6 MB PDF)
Rikers Island Correctional version (1.4 MB PDF) New York City Chapter version (1.4 MB PDF)
Cleveland version (1.3 MB PDF) Our Way of Life- Brief NA History(8.1 MB PDF)
Lexington Ave 1963 (1.1 MB PDF)  
Brig. Dorothy Berry:  
Pictures (PDF) Help For The Drug Addict 1952 (1.7 MB PDF)
Article About D Berry (1.0 MB PDF) Promotion (1.1 MB PDF)
In Memory of (1.86 MB PDF) New York Post- Drug Addicts 1958 (9.3 MB PDF)
Salvation Army Images 1996 (PDF)  
Dr. Arnold Bernstein:  
Arnold Bernstein 1996 visit (1.1 MB PDF) INTERVIEW - 1996-02 with Dave F.
NACON - National Advisory Council on Narcotics (1.3 MB PDF) NACON-Narcotic Addiction Research Project (3.7 MB PDF)
NACon N Meeting Announcment NAcon
NACon Na News release NACon N
Rae Lopez:  
Newspaper Article 1959 (PDF) Picture 1962 (PDF)
Picture 1959 (PDF)  
Letters 1963 (1.3 MB PDF) NA History by Rae Lopez (PDF)
N.A. 2nd NY Office 1996 (PDF) Narcotic Drug Addiction US Dept Health 1960's (2.4 MB PDF)
Miscellaneous Info (PDF) Directory of Narcotic Addiction Service Agencies 1963 (3.2 MB PDF)
Various Correspondence 1959-1962 (1.4 MB PDF) Temporary Commission on Narcotics Addiction 1965 (1.46 MB PDF)
Father Dan Egan.:  
From One Junkie to Another (2.4 MB PDF) Father Dan Egan Pictures 1996 (PDF)
Catholic Digest 1962 Junkie Priest (4.7 MB) The Junkie Priest (2.8 MB PDF)
The Drug Addict As A Patient (4.1 MB PDF) Work of Father Dan Egan - "The Junkie Priest"
The Addict (2.3 MB PDF) Letter to Dutch 1984 (PDF)
Retreat (PDF) Dan Egan Signature (1.3 MB PDF)
Where Womans House of Detention Was 1996 (PDF) Father Dan Egan "Junkie Priest", Author - Obituary
YMCA 1996 (PDF) Pagent Mag (3.4 MB)
Major Edward V. Dimond:  
Letter Dorothy Berry to E D Dimond 1964 Letter Rae Lopez to Edward V Dimond 1964
Letter E V Dimond to Rae Lopez 1964 (PDF) Letter E V Dimond to Col G C Barrett 1965 (PDF)
The Plain Dealer 1966 (PDF) NA Cleveland News Articles 1963-1972 (PDF)
Articles (1.2 MB PDF) More Articles (1.4 MB PDF)
The War Cry 1965 (3.1 MB PDF) Letter GSO to E V Dimond 1970 (PDF)
Letter from E V Dimond 1971 (PDF) Letter E V Dimond to Dorothy Berry 1972
Letter E V Dimond to Walter C French 1972 Letter to Salvation Army 1975 (PDF)
Letter to E V Dimond- N.A. Program (PDF) Meeting List (PDF)
NA Cleveland Misc (PDF) NA Cleveland More Misc (1.5 MB)
NA Cleveland Newsletters 1st and 2nd Editions (1.5 MB PDF) NA Cleveland Thirteen Steps (PDF)
The War Cry 1987_38 Years at the Front Lines (2.5 MB PDF) Letter P.I. to GSO (PDF)
Letter from EV Dimond 1996 (1.1 MB PDF) Cleveland Harbor Light Info (2.5 MB PDF)
Cleveland Harbor Light (1.9 MB PDF) Meeting List 1981 (PDF)
Sounds From Rikers Island (1 MB PDF) Sounds From Skid Row (1 MB PDF)
Sounds From Synanon (1.5 MB PDF) Dynamite In Small Doses (PDF)
The New Look- Michigan State Prison:  
The New Look 1961 (2.3 MB PDF) New Look 1966-1969 Table of Contents from Select Issues (2.1 MB PDF)
New Look 1966-1967 No 1 Dec-Jan (3.3 MB PDF) New Look 1966 July-Aug (2.4 MB PDF)
New Look 1967 No2 Feb-March (3.1 MB PDF) New Look 1968 Sept (1.8 MB PDF)
New Look 1969 No 3 Feb-March (2.8 MB PDF) New Look 1969 No4 April (2.8 MB PDF)
The Beam - Marquette, MI 1963 Jan-Feb (4.9 MB PDF)  
Published Articles:  
Pre 1970 references to 12 Step Fellowships  
Rockefeller drug laws - " One of the most difficult places for NA to become established was in the State of New York. The Rockefeller drug laws there had made it a crime for drug addicts to meet together for any reason, making NA in effect illegal".
    NY Revisted in 1996 (Video)      


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