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1981-07-10 North Eastern-Mid Atlantic Region

Area-Regional Service:


1981-11 Mid-South Regional Service Committee Registration

* 1981-11 Mid-South RSC Service Conference - Memphis, TN_LAST-NAMES

* 1982-01 Addresses of Significant NA Regional and Area Members_LAST-NAMES

1981-06-13 DC- MD-VA Area Service Committee Meeting (1.3 MB)


ECCNA Various Items:

1980-10-28 Trenton State College Conference Confirmation

1981-02-26 2nd ECCNA Registration Update

1981-Trenton State College Map

2nd ECCNA Swim and Dance Fundraiser

2nd ECCNA Swim and Dance Party - Dinner Ticket

1982 - 3rd East Coast Convention Certification of Attendence

3rd ECCNA Advanced Registration Letter

1982 - 3rd ECCNA Program

1991-06-21thru23 Registration 12th East Coast Convention


Philadelphia Meeting Lists:




about 1979

Meeting Lists:

1980-08 Metro Atlanta (1.4 MB)

1981-05 Northern California (2.1 MB)

1982-11 Broward County Florida

1983-08 Gold Coast Area Florida

198n-Blue Ridge Area NA Virginia (1.2 MB)

198n-Central Pennsylvania Regional

198n-Dade County Florida

198n-Palm Coast Florida

Literature-Order-Form - Atlanta





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