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Finished with George R.’s archives. Thanks George.

Resignation Letter to B.O.D.


BT-Pre-Order-Form 1981 (PDF)

1981-11-28 Distribution of Basic Text Approval Form- Memphis-TN


Added 4th picture:

Pictures of Jimmy (2.7 MB PDF)

SD Letter to Betty


1991-07-5 Handwritten History Book Outline from Lehigh,PA

1992-03-01 History Committee

Chapter 03 - Our Historical Perspective


1981 Spring WSC Proposed Institutional Committee Guidelines


Friday Midnite Meeting of NA at Pebble Hill Meeting Format (Early 80's)


1980-12 Vol. 2 No. 12 - Rainbow Connection-Atlanta (1.1 MB)

1981-01 Vol. 3 No. 1 - Rainbow Connection-Atlanta (1.3 MB)

1981-01-15 N.E.O.A.S.C.N.A. Newsletter - Issue 1-Ohio

1981-02-15 N.E.O.A.S.C.N.A. Newsletter - Issue 2-Ohio (1.4 MB)

1981-06 NA News - Central PA Area - Vol. I Issue IV

1981-12 Vol. 3 No. 6 - Rainbow Connection-Atlanta


1982-03 Issue 4 - Philadelphia Area Newsletter

Created a Flyers page:

1981 2nd Annual British Columbia NA Rally

1981-05 Panama City Beach Florida Convention Flyer

1992 MRCNA Michigan Freedom VIII Registration Form (1.3 MB)

1992-03-28 NA 12-Step Retreat Registration-Ohio

N.E.O.A.S.C.N.A.- PA-Ohio Literature Committee Benefit to Make the Book Real





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