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The Recovery First Group of Narcotics Anonymous

Established in 1971 at the Eagelville Hospital Outpatient Program by Bob M. and Rich M.
March 1972 taken off the grounds of Eagleville Hospital to Green & Basin Sts., Norristown.
August 1975 moved to Church on the Mall, Plymouth Meeting

2 meetings on Tuesdays 20:00 to 21:10
Church on the (Plymouth Meeting) Mall, Pennsylvania
Room 3 = Literature
Room 4 = Beginners
Wheelchair Accessible
Open to everone


Church on the Mall Small Image

Historical Information:
Minutes 1991 - 1994 (5.4 MB)
70 Images and commentary regarding the meeting place.
2007 Anniversary Meeting Format .PDF (13 KB)
2006 Anniversary Meeting Format .PDF (13 KB)
2004 Anniversary Meeting Format .PDF (13 KB)
Arial images of The Recovery First Group
2006 - 2009 Anniversary audio streams
2007 Anniversary Flyer
2007 History Presentation
2007 History Presentation Timeline
2008 Anniversary Flyer
2009 Anniversary Flyer
HG Plymouth Meeting Card
HG Business Card Plymouth Meeting (2.1 MB)
HG Plymouth Meeting Mug & Mug Design
HG Plymouth Meeting Meeting Addithon Program
Docs for home group members:
Beginners Meeting Format .PDF 09-2007 (21 KB)
Literature Meeting Format . PDF 09-2007 (19 KB)
Mont Co Area H & I format .PDF 2002 (16 KB) Thursday
Literature Orders:
* GPR Literature Order Form Rates for Area Rev. 03/2004 .PDF (15 KB) Use this at Area
GPR Literature Order Form Rate for Group/Individuals Rev 03/2004 .PDF (15 KB)
NOTE: An IP at the Group rate is 0.05 more (per IP) than Area rate (which are also marked up).
WSO Literature Orders at cost. Can also call order in at 818-773-9999
Free State Literature Orders at cost (from Baltimore) can be called in at: 410-566-4022


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