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NA Meeting Directories

World Directory 1976 (2.4 MB PDF) World Directory 1978 (4.3 MB PDF)
World Directory 1981 (6.4 MB PDF) World Directory 1984 (30.4 MB PDF)
World Directory 1986 (29.2 MB PDF) World Directory 1986 Vol 2 (85 MB)
These are sorted alphabetically by ISO country code.
Naming convention: [Prefix of] ML - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code - Service Body - Date - Fields for miscellaneous information dot pdf
More information on ISO 3166 codes
CA Metro Area 1989-03 Nova Scotia CA Ontario Region 1992-08 (1.4 MB)
The United States (50 states and 1 district) is further broken down into the second part of its ISO 3166-2 code. For example- New Hampshire's 3166-2 code is US-NH. The second part (NH) is used.
These are alphabetized. When meeting directories cover multiple states, they are filed by the earliest alphabetical state. For example- Chattahoochee Flint Rivers Area containing meetings in Alabama, Florida and Georgia are filed under AL.
United States:  
AL Chattahoochee-Flint Rivers Area Undated AL FL GA (1.1 MB) AR Mid-America Region 1980-81 AR IA KS MO NE OK (5.8 MB)
Southern CA 1963 Southern CA 196n
Northern CA 19nn Southern CA 1971-11
Southern CA 1972-04 Southern CA 1972-09
Northern CA 197n Northern CA
Northern CA 1977-06 Northern CA 1979-01
Northern CA 1979-10 Northern CA 1983-08
Northern CA 1986 Winter Northern CA 1987 Fall-Winter
Northern CA 1988 Spring-Summer Northern CA 1989 Fall
Northern CA 1990-10  
Southern CA San Fernando Valley Area 197n Southern CA & San Fernando Valley Area Cards
Southern CA 1973-08 WSO Southern CA 1974-02 WSO
Southern CA 1974-06 GSO Southern CA 1975-04 GSO
Southern CA 1975-12 GSO Southern CA 1976 GSO
Southern CA 1977-05 Survivors Club Southern CA 197n Survivors Club
Southern CA 1977 Southern CA 1977-09-01
Southern CA 1977-10 Southern CA 1978-09
Southern CA 1978-02 CA 60s-80s (11.1 MB PDF)
Southern CA 1979-10 Southern CA 1980-03
Northern CA 1980-03 Southern CA 1980-11
Southern CA 1980-09 Northern CA 1981-05 (2.1 MB)
Southern CA 1981-01 Southern CA 1981-06
Imperial Region 1990 San Diego May-July Southern CA 1982-05
CO Colorado Region Mtg. Directory Undated 1 (3.1 MB) CO Colorado Region Mtg. Directory Undated 2 (3 MB)
CT Connecticut Region 1990 Spring (3.3 MB)  
DC 1989 DC MD & VA Fall (2.3 MB) DC 1989 DC MD & VA Summer (2.4 MB)
FL Gold Coast Area 1982-11 Broward County (1.2 MB) FL Gold Coast Area 1983-08
FL Sun Coast Area 1987-05 FL Orlando Area 1989-05 (1.3 MB)
FL Orlando Area 1989-08 (2.2 MB) FL Palm Coast Area 198n (1.3 MB)
FL 198n Dade County-Keys FL First Coast Area 1990-04 (1.4 MB)
FL First Coast Area 1991-04 (1.6 MB)  
GA Metro Atlanta (1.7 MB) ML GA 1980-08 Metro Atlanta
GA Georgia Region 1986-12-01-a (2.7 MB) GA Georgia Region 1986-12-01-b (2.4 MB)
GA Georgia Region 1988-01 (2 MB) GA Northeast Area 1990-09-01 (2.2 MB)
GA Midtown Atlanta Area 1990-12 (1.7 MB) GA Coastal Area 1991-04 (1.3 MB)
ML-KY-Louisville-Area-1992-09 ML-KY-Louisville-Area-1993-08
ML-KY-Louisville-Area-1993-10 ML-KY-Louisville-Area-1993-12-Corrections
Cut N Paste:  
1a-expired-schedule-for-editing 1b-cancellations,-usually-found-by-visiting-meetings
2-additions-and-corrections 3-more-additions-and-corrections
4-cuts 5-more-cuts
6-1st-paste-up-looks-good 7-1st-draft-something-missing
8-ah-thats-better 9-finished-copy
LA New Orleans Area 1987-08 (2.1 MB) LA North Shore Area 1991-06 Covington
LA New Orleans Area 1992-02-11 (2.2 MB) LA New Orleans Area 1997-08-16 (1.7 MB)
MD Frederick Area 1989 Fall (1.2 MB)  
MS Mississippi Gulf Coast Undated-01 MS Mississippi Gulf Coast Undated-02
MS Mississippi Northeast Area Undated (1.1 MB) MS Mississippi Undated (1.5 MB)
NC Greater Charlotte Area 1985-04-06 (1.2 MB) NC Greater Charlotte Area Undated-a (1.2 MB)
NC Greenville Area Undated NC Greater Charlotte Area Undated-b
NC Greater Charlotte Area Undated-c  
NC Asheville Area 1987-05-15 NC Carolina Region 1987-a (4.2 MB)
NC Carolina Region 1987-b (3.6 MB) NC Down East Area 1988-07
NC Piedmont Area NC 1989 Spring & Summer NC Greater Charlotte Area 1990 Spring & Summer (1.4 MB)
NC Piedmont Area 1990-10 NC Greater Charlotte Area 1993-04 (1.4 MB)
OR Oregon Region 1990 (1.8 MB)  
PA Northern PA Area 198n PA Greater Philadelphia Region 1990 Spring & Summer (5.2 MB)
PA Additional Philadelphia Meeting Directories PA Chester County Meeting Directories
SC Sun City Area 1986-04 (1 MB) SC Sun City Area 1987-07
SC Charleston 1987-12 SC Undated Charleston-01
SC Undated Charleston-02 SC Undated Charleston-03
SC Undated Charleston-04 SC Undated Charleston-05
SC Undated Columbia Area-01 (1.1 MB) SC Undated Columbia Area-02 (1 MB)
SC First Carolina Area 1987 (1.9 MB) SC Low Country Area Undated
SC Charleston 1988-10 SC Sun City Area 1988-11
SC South Coastal Area 1989-01 SC South Coastal Area 1989-07
SC Undated Central Carolina Area (1.3 MB) SC Undated Upper South Carolina (2.3 MB)
SC South Coastal Area 1990-01 SC South Coastal Area 1990-08
SC Fresh Start Group Beaufort 1991 Fall (1.2 MB) SC South Coastal Area 1991 Fall
SC South Coastal Area 1992 Aug-Sept (1 MB)  
TN Middle Tennessee 1992 Winter (1.7 MB)  
VA Blue Ridge Area 198n (1.3 MB)  


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