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World Literature Conferences of Narcotics Anonymous

WLC 1  
WLC-01 Wichita, KS (1.2 MB PDF) * WLC-01-Attendance-Roster
WLC-01 Flyer  
WLC 2  
WLC-02 Lincoln, Neb (5.9 MB PDF) 1980-09-11 Literature Conference
2nd WLC - Cut and Paste Input 2nd WLC Minutes
2nd WLC Minutes - Lincoln, NE (3.2 MB)  
WLC-2nd Ch.10 copy of orginal input
(16.8 MB)
WLC-2nd Ch.8 Copy of orginal input
(14.1 MB)
Review Form 1981- Lincoln Conference (3.8 MB PDF)  
WLC 3  
WLC-03 Memphis, TN (12.9 MB PDF) 1981-01-21 Ch.1 Review Form (2.9 MB)
3rd World Literature Conference Address List 1981-01-31 1st day 3rd WLC Minutes
1981-02-1 2nd day 3rd WLC Minutes 1981-02-1 7th day 3rd WLC Minutes
1981-02-3 3pm 4th day 3rd WLC Minutes 1981-02-5 6th day 3rd WLC Minutes
1981-02-7 8th day 3rd WLC Minutes  
WLC 4  
WLC-04 Santa Monica, Cal (7.2 MB PDF) Santa Monica Draft 1982 (13.7 MB PDF)
4th WLC - Santa Monica, CA - Flyer 4th WLC Registration Form
4th WLC Minutes - Santa Monica, CA (3.5 MB) 4th WLC Minutes
WLC 5  
WLC-05 Warren, OH (10.9 MB PDF) Warren Steps (5.6 MB PDF)
WLC 6  
WLC-06 (3.6 MB PDF)  
WLC 7  
WLC-07 Ivyland, PA (6.1 MB PDF) 1982-01-16 2nd day night meeting 7th WLC Minutes
Letter to Fellowship about WLC 7  
WLC 9  
WLC-09 Jamison, PA (12.6 MB PDF) Jamison Steps (7.2 MB PDF)
WLC-09 Nov6-11 in Phila, PA- Flyer  
1st Step 7th Step
Steps (1.5 MB) Step Two-Eleven Input- Conference Unknown (3.0 MB PDF)
Steps Input- Conference Unknown (7.2 MB PDF) Tradition 6 thru 12
Work in Progress - Step 3  
Before I had taken my 4th and 5th Step Ch. 2 What is the NA Program
Handwritten Lit Comm Flow Chart I'm Special
Inventory N.E.O.A.S.C.N.A. Literature Workshop Report
N.E.O.A.S.C.N.A. Newsletter Supplement - The Book Notes
Style Sheet for Composition - Editing NA Why Are We Here
WLC Chapter 1 - Review Form WLC Committee Application
Various World Literature Correspondence and Misc. Docs. (13.0 MB PDF) White Book Revised Approval Form 1983 (1.4 MB PDF)
WLC Photos (1.1 MB PDF) WLC Photos More (2.8 MB)
Pre-1983 WSC-Lit. Subcommittee Report
Powerless -written work 1984 Jan. 25 Relationships
1983, Aug 29-Postcard re Daily Meditation Guide 1983,March 21st- Flyer sent to all Members Requesting Input
Our Common Welfare- Unity,Our Common Welfare Handwritten Our Common Welfare -Second Draft
Our Common Welfare- Final Draft WLC Audio and supporting docs. Archive on
Handwritten Input:  
12-step call with 2 or more people 1980-07-16 Dope and Bottles
1st Step Summary 1st Step (19.6 MB)
1st Step-b 7th Step
10th Step - Barbara M. 1st Tradition
3rd Tradition 5th Tradition
5th Tradition-b Cut and paste 01
Cut and Paste on 2nd ECC Registration Desire to stop using
Drugs have taken me down many roads Eastern Region
File a corporation For myself
Glad to be Alive Guilt
HALT Handwritten Input
Helping someone who wants to help himself Hitting Bottom
I pray that God In order to 12-step someone
Input - a Learn how to live
Letting Go of Our Ego Making-Meetings
Note to Bob about coming to meetings Notebook Pages (1.3 MB)
Our attitude when using People, Places and Things
Rainbow Connection - Honesty - Handwritten (1.3 MB) Ray W.
Self-confidence as a liability Self-confidence (2.5 MB)
Self-will run riot Sought through prayer and meditation
The Pain Inside There might be someone in our family
When I first stopped using Working the program and the steps
Worst enemy - drug addiction Notes and input
1983-Aug 6 Handwritten Notes-Living Clean  
1983-84 Correspondence with Ginni S:  
1983-July- Penthouse Psychographic SelfExam. Series by Frank 1983-July 11- Letter from Ginny S.(WLC) to Newsletter Staff
1983, July 20- Letter from Jim M to Ginny S (WLC) 1983,May 31-Letter from BoS. to Ginni S.(WLC)
1983,August 8 Letter from Bo S. to Ginni S (WLC) 1983, August 13-Letter From Ginni S. (WLC) to Bo S.
1983 August 16-Letter from Bo S. to Ginni S. (WLC) 1983 Nov. 7- Letter from Bo S. to WLC Members
Page's Letters:  
1982-Form TX (US Copyright Office) 1983,March 1 Letter From Robert K,Atty. to Page
1983, March 4-Letter from Robert K,Atty. to Page C. 1983, March 9-Letter from Robert K, Atty. to Page C.
1983,March 14-Letter from Robert K (Atty) to Page C. 1983,March 14-Letter From Robert K,Atty. to Page C.
1983, March 18-Letter from Robert K (Atty) to Kevin F 1983, April 12-Letter from Robert K to Bo S
AdHoc Committee for Convention Guidelines:  
1980 March So.Calif. Reg. Activities Committee of NA 1980 May Proposed Guidelines for So. Calif. Convention Comm
1981 Sept. Notes from Florida World Convention 1982 Ad-Hoc Convention Committee Program
* 1982 Convention Guidelines Mailing Checklist_LAST-NAMES 1982 June 17 Letter from Bob R to Special Committee Member
1982 Nov. 1 Letter to Carol 1982 Nov. 14 Letter to Steve
1982 Sept. 8 Response Letter from Bo S. to Bob R. 1982-ThanksgivingII Conscionsness Mid-Yr. Svc. Workshop
1983 Pre-WCNA 13 Letter from Recover & Discover Newsletter 1983,Jan. 18 -Letter from Bo S. to Committee Members
WSC Conference Report for Convention Guidelines -Handwritten Ad-Hoc Committee for Convention Guidelines-Correspondence
* Ad-Hoc-Committee for convention Guidelines- Members_LAST-NAMES Handwritten Notes - To-Do's Ad Hoc Committee
Handwritten Notes-AdHoc Convention Guidelines  
Bristol, PA. Literature Committee:  
1980-07 Alone Again - Nevermore 1980-07 Dope and Bottles (1.0 MB)
1980-07 Honesty 1981-01-5 Ch.8 Outline, cut and paste Bristol Lit Comm (2.0 MB)
A lot of drugs on the street are rip-offs Ch.8 Typed Bristol Lit Comm (2.2 MB)
Making Meetings Step Nine
Step Nine - b Step Nine - c (3.3 MB)
Step Nine - handwritten True Peace through Dependence
True Peace Thru Dependence  
1983 NCRSC Regional Lit. Conference I:  
1982-Aug-First Step Input 1983 March 16-First Draft- Step 2
1983,3-23-3-26 Step Three 1983-April 22-24-First NCRSC Regional Lit. Conference -Flyer
Clean and Serene Step 3 Suggested Outline
Step 3,Step 4 Step 3-Surrender our Lives & WIlls-Self-Will Run Riot-God as
Step 3 Step Five-Outline
Step Four-Outline Step Three-Original
Traditions- Outline  


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